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We had a fab time with you, and really appreciated your flexibility.

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Wild Highlands

"I am convinced that man has suffered in his separation from the soil and from the other living creatures of the world; the evolution of his intellect has outrun his needs as an animal, and as yet he must still, for security, look long at some portion of the earth as it was before he tampered with it."

Gavin Maxwell

Aigas - In the Heart of the Wild Highlands

Nestled in our wooded glen, we are in a very fortunate position. Half an hour to our west are remnants of the ancient Caledonian Pine forest that once clothed much of the country. Above the tree line loom the dark and austere mountains that give the Highlands their name. Half an hour to the east are firths which throng with birdlife and where it is common to watch seals, otters and dolphins.

As the seasons turn, the river slides by and our guests come and go, they are witness to the grand cycle of spectacular highland wild life as it plays out before us. Read more on this on the When to Come page.

Aigas - a Home to Wildlife

Meanwhile, on our small estate, we are happy to live cheek by jowl with a menagerie of iconic Highland species. Badgers, pine martens, beaver, red squirrels, red and roe deer live and breed here while otters, ospreys and red kite pass through regularly and even wild cats are occasionally glimpsed.

Our hides are a huge asset, enjoyed by hundreds each year. Read more on Aigas Wildlife here.

Aigas - a Home for Millennia

Of course, people have been living here amongst wildlife for thousands of years and we have 4000 year old 'hut circles' - remnant bronze age dwellings on the property. Part of our job here is to interpret the landscape and habitats within the context of physical and human geography.

You can read a potted history of Aigas and the Highlands on the Archaeology and History page.

A Day at Aigas

There's so much to show you! There's so much to talk about! We want to do it all but we appreciate you're on holiday! Time spent at Aigas is at your own pace and if you want to skip a day out just to sit beside the loch they that's fine. Read about what a Day at Aigas might involve.

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